1Password for Teams

Securely share secrets + info within your team

#3 Product of the DayNovember 13, 2015
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Finally! A replacement for LastPass!
great but pricy when coming out of beta.
Some of our team members use Linux so we use Meldium. When will 1Password support Linux?
Cool new addition to the 1Password series. Just signed up for the beta, so curious what the fuzz will be all about.
Does this product work in tandem with the regular 1 password app or is it separate? I currently used dropbox shared vaults for this type of team sharing and it seems to work. Curious what this offers that would warrant a monthly recurring price.
@jmacias Teams works in tandem with the 1password app, but right now you have to install a beta version of 1password to get teams functionality for mac. It's built into their current iOS app.