1Password for Teams

Securely share secrets + info within your team

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#3 Product of the DayNovember 13, 2015



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Chris MessinaPro@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Finally! A replacement for LastPass!
Hadi Farnoud@hadifarnoud
great but pricy when coming out of beta.
Ton@t55 · Mac'aholic
Cool new addition to the 1Password series. Just signed up for the beta, so curious what the fuzz will be all about.
Jaime Macias@jmacias · Product @boost.
Does this product work in tandem with the regular 1 password app or is it separate? I currently used dropbox shared vaults for this type of team sharing and it seems to work. Curious what this offers that would warrant a monthly recurring price.
Alex Koch@kochalex
@jmacias Teams works in tandem with the 1password app, but right now you have to install a beta version of 1password to get teams functionality for mac. It's built into their current iOS app.
Ouriel Ohayon@ourielohayon · CodenameDjango, CEO/ isai (VC)
One thing i don t understand: 1Password for teams has to run in the browser vs in your software?
Alex Koch@kochalex
@ourielohayon They have a beta version of the mac app that support teams and the app store version of the iOS app does. Windows/android say coming soon.