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This looks crazy @mailjet! I've always seen the company as more of an email-delivery service and less as a email-newsletter type of service. Can you tell us more about what it took to develop this product? What's the vision? I'm super curious! :)
@itibz Thanks! You're quite right, email delivery is were we come from, but we soon realised that people needed more than just delivery. As we say, email is a dirty job, but someone has to do it! We are creating a set of tools to ease the life of email manager, wether they are quite technical with MJML, or not technical, with Passport. Passport is born from our finding that there is no easy to use tool to create responsive emails without coding. Its easy to use drag and drop interface makes it easy for beginners to create emails in a snap, while being powerful enough to meet the needs of the most demanding email marketers! We also realised that creating good looking responsive transactional emails is a real challenge - in most cases they end up being off the brand and not rendering properly across devices. Passport's strength is that it is able to create both marketing and transactional emails. Looking forward to your feedback!
@jviault Very interesting. I'm working with a client set on using Mailchimp at the moment, but I'm quite looking forward to having an excuse to try out your platform @jviault
It's not a good sign when your company is pushing a responsive email builder for marketing and transactional emails when that company's transactional emails are neither responsive nor do they render properly across clients (specifically Outlook). I wish this were more like MJML in that it could be used easily for other ESPs. That's the problem with most o these builders is that they're tied to a specific sender and while you can technically export, it's not as streamlined as you would make it out to be.
Hey @brandononearth, thanks for the feedback! We're doing our best to eat our own dog food, but sometimes emails crack through the holes and are not as good looking as they should be (mostly because they've been around for a while). That said, MJML is what's hidden behind Passport, and and Passport are using the same engine to generate responsive emails (MJML not being tided to any ESP since we open-sourced it). But stay tuned, we've got some cool stuff in the making to be more ESP agnostic!
We've been using mailjet to send transactional emails for a while but we're debating switching away for newsletters. I love the passport editor but some core functionality is missing and their billing system is super annoying. IMO they need to take a step back and add some basic stuff: cancelling currently sending emails (Last week I had sent about 80 emails out of 500,000 and there was literally no way to stop sending. As well, emails only send about 50,000 an hour which is way too slow. If you grow a 1.2M email list it'll take a full 24 hours to send a newsletter!! Timing matters, mailjet. For billing it's not clear what plan you are and the overage charges (e.g. $0.10 per 1000 additional emails) aren't listed ANYWHERE, which makes selecting a plan absolutely a pain. My emails sent per month massively fluctuate between maybe thousands to millions and the subscription model with confusing overages is getting to be too much, I hate constantly switching my plan and having to calculate myself (with help from customer support) which plan I should be on each month.
Very poor support..., and sometimes, they stop your campaign without a good reason, and they send the rest of the e-mails in a few days. Very nice when promotion is limited in time, or to see the impact of a campaign. Except that, prices are good and newsletter editing is nice.