Simple, all-in-one test to check the quality of your website


Passmarked is THE tool I've been looking for to check the quality of websites (mine & clients'). The open source list of tests makes it incredibly useful and flexible for integrating into the development workflow. It's only just been launched but there's already a tremendous amount of coverage that will only get better as more people contribute.

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21 Reviews5.0/5

The tool I wish I'd built!


Not upselling me a "quick fix" (like most "grade my site" tools)

open source = transparency

community driven weighting & docs



Not found any so far (only a day in!) :-)

Thanks for this James. We will never upsell on a fix, just how many pages you want to test. Our vision is to become a consensus backed standard. Diluting this with functional upsell offers works against this.
check th issuu article above (if you haven't already) page 48-49. Genuinely... thanks for your support today.

Passmarked lies at the core of web standards; specifically at the intersection of trust, code, data and software development.


open sourced, democratised test suite


site needs to speak to a more diverse audience IRO UX and CMS

1 year is the max option.

PH should pay Passmarked for all the new aquisitions.


Great overall product


Needs further community participation, but great start.

I like it! I used it my website


Perfect for testing your website very quickly and get reports


none so far

The fact that everything is in one place and that some of it is community driven has been amazing for actually learning beyond quick fixes.


1 month in and this is the best website optimization tool I have ever used


None when compared to any other tool in the category.