Simple, all-in-one test to check the quality of your website

Passmarked is THE tool I've been looking for to check the quality of websites (mine & clients'). The open source list of tests makes it incredibly useful and flexible for integrating into the development workflow. It's only just been launched but there's already a tremendous amount of coverage that will only get better as more people contribute.

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Hi James (and people of ProductHunt)! What a nice surprise to be hunted - thank you! We’re glad you enjoy Just like you we also found ourselves looking for a tool or platform that could help us to quickly and easily scan our own and client websites for various common web issues - including security, performance, compatibility and content/SEO issues. We hoped to find something that could guide us on all known web standards, and how to fix any errors that were found based on those standards. But couldn’t find anything like it. So we built it. And then we made it open-source so that it could become an open, universal, community-driven standard for the web (in the spirit of the internet that Tim Berners-Lee dreamt of for the world). We want people everywhere, whether they access the internet on their mobile phones, with very little data, or whether they are visually impaired, or whether they just want to browse safely, to have a good internet experience. We also wanted to make developers’ lives easier. It took almost four years of hard work, midnight oil, and contributions from developers from all over. And so was built for developers, by developers. People like you, who build your own websites and who want to test how well their sites are working, either just before or after launching, or continue to make sure there are no glitches creeping in. The timing of this hunt is really kind of uncanny. We’ve just come out of beta, rather quietly, four days ago and we just announced a bunch of really cool new features in a newsletter to our community. We were just starting to talk about the new developments publicly on Twitter this week and planned to start doing some PR. So you caught us a little off guard, but thanks! Please ask us questions - we are here to chat! And please follow us on Twitter @passmarked too. Still figuring out the whole scaling thing so please report issues there as well :)!
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@passmarked @johann_du_toit Hi Johann - I think the fact it's taken you 4 years to build really shows in what I've seen so far. Prior to finding Passmarked I've been using a bunch of different tools (Pagespeed, Lighthouse, SSLlabs, mxtoolbox etc.) but it's sooooo good to have everything in one place (and the CLI gets me pretty excited too). I didn't know you've only just come out of beta (!) but was surprised it wasn't on PH and thought it would be useful to others (sorry if it caught you on the hop!). Since you've just gone public, is there anything you want to draw my/PHers attention to that I missed when I hunted it? Keep up the GREAT work, James Ps. I love the fact that it's free - that'll really help me refer it to clients for a "quick sanity check" :-)
@passmarked @jmdocherty Hey James, what's life without a hop or two ;) Okay. Here is some good news that we can share with everyone (that we just only shared with our newsletter subscribers): * We’re building a community, so as soon as you sign up on the site you’ll get a Slack invitation so that we can talk to each other. * Passmarked is free for humans forever - this means as long as we’re around you can test your sites free a page at a time. If you want more around the clock monitoring or support, there are packages (which are not expensive!). * We’re really excited about some awesome new features that are helpful to our community, including Lighthouse PWA integration and DNS Server security checks. * Passmarked is now also available in all phases or environments of the website building process, including local staging and production (or anything on a local network), using the Passmarked API/CLI. This is good news for a lot of people who have been asking for it. Previously only live websites could be tested, but we changed that after some consultation with the community. * And then, we’re super excited about our next mission to build in the full gamut of accessibility / a11y checks. We invite the web accessibility community to join hands with us to create a great open-source database of accessibility checks, for the community, by the community. We have an awesome new CEO Mark McChlery. You can say hi on Twitter @MarkMcChlery. Any other questions? Bring it on! :) Thanks Johann & the team
@passmarked @markmcchlery @johann_du_toit I absolutely LOVE that I can run tests on a local site before it's live - sooo freakin' GREAT...I'm digging into the docs now. Make sure you hit up @paul_irish and the other web standards guys to get this some more PH love...I think it really deserves it! Thanks for an awesome product.
We did point our friends to the post out of pure excitement, can confirm it's all them. Was that bad?
@johann_du_toit just don't lie! You are buying upvotes
@dainiskanopa Don't know what to tell you my man, had an announcement on Facebook and Twitter that we are on ProductHunt and they should go check it out and vote if they like.
@johann_du_toit @dainiskanopa Hi Dainis, anyone is welcome to investigate. There are no bought votes. It’s the truth.
@dainiskanopa I have no specific interest in this (I'm not affiliated with Passmarked in any way) but having hunted the product after I found it and was surprised it wasn't on PH, I have watched votes come in. Here's an observation: the majority of the accounts you link to do seem to have real-looking Twitter accounts and a lot of them seem to have South African looking names. So, perhaps rather than buying votes, the people involved (South Africans I think) just managed to convince their real-world friends to join PH to vote for them? So that would explain why the accounts are all new. Of course it may have cost them a beer in the real world but I can't really see what's wrong with that :-) As I said, I have no "inside knowledge" so have no idea but let's not get distracted, the product IS a great idea!

The tool I wish I'd built!


Not upselling me a "quick fix" (like most "grade my site" tools)

open source = transparency

community driven weighting & docs



Not found any so far (only a day in!) :-)

Thanks for this James. We will never upsell on a fix, just how many pages you want to test. Our vision is to become a consensus backed standard. Diluting this with functional upsell offers works against this.
check th issuu article above (if you haven't already) page 48-49. Genuinely... thanks for your support today.
Thank you everyone for your support so far. Yesterday morning was just a normal day in the office, and a day later, we're #3 on ProductHunt and the votes keep climbing every time I look. It's all a little surreal. Thank you to everyone who voted for us. Your interest and validation means a lot to us, so thank you. Thank you James for sticking your neck out for a startup on the other side of the world that you didn't know from a bar of soap until yesterday lunchtime. I'd also like to thank the people who helped us build over the years. There were many random devs, open-source and web development enthusiasts and other techies from all corners of the globe who contributed via Github. There were many early mentors who taught us many lessons - one of the harder ones was from @BramK when we were still a little green, and it was very valuable. A massive thank you to all our designer and dev friends at who helped us build this beast of a site, who shared their office with us, who gave us beer on Fridays. Jacques, Carlin, Tristan and Ludwig, thank you for all the beautiful artworks. Thank you Sarah Rice for your amazing insights and copy. But I also need to take the liberty to thank the core team: @Johann_du_Toit our lead dev and head of R&D, who put in enormous amounts of hard work through the night, for nearly four years, and co-founder @barry_botha1 who never stopped believing, building and also sometimes coding, keeping us together through ups and downs, and the amazing @markmcchlery who recently joined us formally as CEO, but who has been a friend of this team for a very long time. And last but not least thank you to the online community, especially on Twitter, who have been giving us lots of little nudges and kept us inspired. As we told our newsletter database last week when we came out of beta, and being a proudly African startup, we leave you with the words of the great Nelson Mandela: “It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it.”
Love the product idea and like the experience in using it so far. Looking forward to digging in deeper to the reports. Thanks for making @johann_du_toit and team! BTW @dainiskanopa I'm a real human & I don't know the PassedMarked team ;)
@jeff_osborn Hey I am not saying everyone is fake and etc. But just look upvoters right behind you: All upvotes come from new users with fake profiles created. Okay I give up, Ph doesn't care this, I don't care too! Please don't comment me. I really don't care you guys trying to explain everything.
@johann_du_toit @jeff_osborn Thanks Jeff, appreciate the support. Hope you'll join us on the Passmarked Slack support channel so that we can help you if ever you have questions.
@fedir @ryszardlesiak @_karlvonbahnhof @polinakl @stelladi @ilona_arbatskaya @dainiskanopa Haha I don't know these guys, just looks like a cool product. If anyone buys upvotes on PH the joke's on them. I can't think of a bigger waste of money when developing a product.
@jeff_osborn we don't even know how to buy votes! :)