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PassCamp is a secure password manager created and perfected for teams. PassCamp allows you and your team to safely store, share and generate secure passwords. It’s super easy to onboard and user friendly, so your team will be all set in just a few minutes!
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Three years ago our team realized that we need a password manager. After trying out all the solutions that the market had to offer, we've realized that none of them fit our needs - some of them were too complicated or unfriendly to users, some of them lacked features that we needed or were simply not secure enough. So we've decided to create our own password manager. After many iterations and rebuilds, we've developed PassCamp - the password manager made for your team, by our team.



Easy to use, fast support response, has features that any other password manager has.



Can I ask few questions: 1-What makes !PassCamp different? 2- How secure it is? 3- Any third party audits? 4- And what about your privacy policy? 5- Who is the team behind it? 6- Are mobile apps available? 7- Do you integrate well with different OSs? Any plans for a Linux desktop client? 8- Do you [contribute to / build on top of] any open source projects? 9- I suppose sharing a password with a guest or a team member will give them access to that password (copy/paste the string) and no way for blind password share. Is that correct?
@rmtux Sure thing, Rami! Thanks for your questions. 1 - PassCamp is the only password manager that was built specifically for teams, from day one. It has multi-tier sharing feature, which means that your team can essentially self-manage all your teams passwords without centralized control, by re-sharing passwords they get and creating a network of synchronized items (login details). Additionally, PassCamp is the only password manager that has unlimited guests. This means that once you set up your team, you can invite as many guests or clients that you need without paying a cent more. PassCamp is unique not only in features, but in system architecture and design as well. It was developed and designed by certified UX/UI experts to make it as user friendly as possible. Onboarding the tool only takes a couple of minutes and you will never want to go back. 2 - PassCamp is a security oriented password manager. It's built on the most advanced security technologies out there - AES-256 end-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge proof, SRP 6A authentication protocol and others. You can read more about the technologies ( or download our White Paper ( with extensive security architecture review. 3 - We are still on a waiting list for an independent security audit and review - it should be done in Q3. 4 - Everything you store in PassCamp is encrypted all the time, from the moment it leaves the client (your device). It's also decrypted only when you enter your Master Password. This means that nobody (not even PassCamp) can view any of your data, at any time. 5 - Adeo Web company created PassCamp tool. We have been developing successful web solutions for the past 10 years. Since we're working with big clients and have tons of sensitive data to protect, three years ago we've came to the conclusion that we need a password manager. After trying out all the solutions that the market had to offer, we've realized that none of them fit our needs - so we decided to create our own password manager. After many iterations and rebuilds, we've developed PassCamp, made for teams. 6 - Currently we do not have a mobile app yet, but it is in the upcoming plans. You can see all the upcoming features in our roadmap: 7 - Due to security reasons we do not have any third party integrations yet. However, desktop apps (for different OSs) are in the plan for this year too - you can see that in the roadmap as well. 8 - Even though we LOVE open-source solutions (you can see that from the tools/technologies our team uses), at this stage of our PassCamp journey it was not the right fit. However, we do maintain hopes of switching to open-source at some point. 9 - Correct. This is a question that we get often - however - we haven't been able to find a single tool that would have implemented this feature securely. Any login field that has a password (or any data for that matter) copy-pasted or auto-filled to it can be viewed easily. By anyone, even by non-technical people. You don't have to be a hacker or even extra computer-savvy. Any person who can use a computer is just one google search away from being able to actually read/view the ****** (hidden data) in their password field (that was copy-pasted or auto-filled). This is why we have chosen to keep the shared password visible for all parties. When you share a password, you know that all parties you have shared it with will be able to view it and there is no "fake security" or false sense of security when there isn't any. It might not be the most convenient way to handle this, but we're choosing honesty and transparency over fake security. Let us know if you have any additional questions! Always happy to help :)
@rmtux @arvydas_vaitkus Gentlemen, thank you for the Qs and for the detailed response. Because of this thread, I just bought the Appsumo deal. Much obliged.
@rmtux @arvydas_vaitkus Thanks for the information but I don't understand the answer to 4th question. I think this is only true for personal accounts. You can use the user's master password to encrypt and decrypt stored passwords. Is this true for team accounts? Because once I create a password another user in my team can see it and he does not need my master password to decrypt it.
@rmtux @erkan_arslan Hey Erkan, thanks for the question! This is true for any account in PassCamp - Personal Free, Personal Premium and Teams accounts. When you create a password in Teams you still are the owner of the password and the only one who can see it - that is until you share it with your team members. After sharing, the password is added to your team member and they can decrypt it with their Master Password too (until you unshare the item). By the way, passwords are always encrypted, you only decrypt them when you log in with your Master Password. Once you log out or disconnect they remain encrypted all of the time (you don't have to encrypt them manually - that's their standard state). Hope this answers your question!
I need to share this, I think so. =))
Interesting product. Recommend!