Let everyone DJ together, anywhere

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I'm sure they'll integrate the Apple Music API very soon!
@ios_javi very timely comment! We're really excited to be able to support Apple Music in the near future.
Great idea! Apologizes if I ask some stupid questions as I'm in India, I cannot and do not use Spotify and also couldn't find any parties nearby to join and test the functionalities of the app. My questions are: 1) Is it necessary for the user to keep the location on? 2) What happens when a person leaves the party (actual party, not on the app)? Can he/she still add songs and bump it up or down? If this happens, then he/she can easily intrude the party playlist even after leaving.
@palakzatakia thanks for the questions! 1) PartyOn was designed for people gathered in the same location, but once you start a party, you can also send people a direct link to the party from within the app. As of now, the party host needs location on when the party is started, but can be turned off once it starts. 2) You can only bump/dump songs when you're inside the party. We don't have a 'banned' user option yet but we're working on it...
Niiiiiice 😎 Always love these kinds of ideas but always want to witness it working amazingly in the wild ha. Always that one friend who puts on a shit song
@bentossell Would love if PartyOn introduces a feature to dump that one friend. πŸ˜‚
@palakzatakia @bentossell LOL, yeah, have a group swipe voting system to dump the song, which should also announce on the speakers to kick the person who put it there from the party.
Awesome concept and the execution is solid. Very intuitive , haven't had any glitches. Nice job!
Awesome! The perfect Saturday discovery. I'll give it a try tonight!