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Co-Founder here — Like @mijustin said, we built this to tighten the gap between discussion and ticket creation with our distributed team. Despite _making_ project management software ( we often found that the initial enthusiasm about a feature, or the particulars of a bug, didn't always make it all the way into our ticket tracking software. With a small, collaborative team lacking a dedicated PM, it isn't always clear who's responsible for capturing all the ideas discussed throughout the day—and we've found that context-switching between multiple systems is a *lossy* process. Since we've been using Partyline for the past few months, we've noticed that fewer "good ideas" are getting lost in the shuffle :)
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Our team created this to scratch our own itch. Increasingly, we're using Slack as a command center. We were already discussing customer feedback and feature ideas in Slack, but had no way to act on them right away. So we built Partyline. It lets us respond to bug reports in real-time: we can create new tickets or update and delete existing ones using Slack commands. We're hoping to add new ticketing systems soon. Let us know what you think!
I love the amount of attention Slack is being given - even if it's just two years since it was released, we all depend from it. Partyline seems like an easy way to organize projects with all of your team, which can be difficult in a Slack group conversation sometimes. Keep up with the good work @mijustin, looks amazing!
@rutgerteunissen thanks! We've definitely been inspired by this post by @benbrown
Hey Guys, Love the idea, i created a ticketing system for via slack for live coding help, so I definately feel the itch that this scratches. I am happy to share my code and experience if interested. Please just shoot me an email to