Party with a Local 3.0: Events

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Felipe Ricieri
@felipericieri · iOS Engineer at Party with a Local
This is a feature we were really excited to add to our community party experience: Events! From the first sketch to the released build we made a lot of changes in the UI to fit the UX we wanted you to have: be able to gather a crew to join that party you were looking forward to go. From the client-side, we made the steps easy for you to add on PwaL the ev… See more
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Dan Fennessy
@dan_fennessy · Founder at Party with a Local
Thanks for hunting us again @gillianim! A lot has happened in the past 6 months for Party with a Local - we're currently participating in Techstars Connection, in partnership with AB InBev in New York, and have broadened our focus beyond our travel roots - since we noticed our most active users were using the app in their own cities - just to meet people t… See more
Gillian Morris
@gillianim · CEO, Hitlist
Party with a Local was one of the early hits of Product Hunt (I think for a time it might have been one of the most upvoted products ever?) so I'm excited to be able to hunt this new version. The PwaL team has never been scared to innovate and continue tweaking something that was already working well. New features make it even easier to find new friends, com… See more
Bart van Poll
@bartvanpoll · Co-founder @spottedbylocals
The status choices were kind of limited in the previous version of PwaL. It's a really good idea to add an "I'm going to this event. Who wants to join" feature (that's what it is if I understand correctly). Honestly, I haven't tried this new feature IRL yet. But I would actually use it to go to music or art events where my friends don't want to go!
Travel à la Tendelle
@travelala10dl · Product Lead, Party with a Local
This feature allows our community to shift from the 1-on-1 meetup model to group meetups. We've already seen folks meet up to party as we beta tested this feature around the world, from NYC to Amsterdam! Eager to hear your comments and thoughts. For those that prefer videos.. Check out the one we made for this :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qJOCr5azLQ
Izzy Sayers
@izzysayers · Community Manager, Party with a Local
Another great thing about the new Events feature on a Community front is that it continues to reinforce the fact that Party with a Local is not a dating app by facilitating group meet-ups more easily. We've had some great stories and friendships come out of the feature when it was in Beta already, such as on Halloween in New York. A number of different peop… See more