Party with a Local is an app that connects people who want to party

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Party, with a local, easy as that, now available on Android. Cool little startup from Amsterdam!
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U should iOS 7 those screenshots. Design Design Design.
@99centbrains Very true. We've got a re-design for iOS already done, we are just finalising features in dev before releasing that, but totally right - we NEED iOS7 design. Cheers, Dan
Sketchiest looking product page and design ever. Would not trust.
@tylr Design can (and will be) improved. It can definitely be a lot better, I agree on that. Too bad that you think the design makes the whole product sound untrustworthy.
Perhaps Dan from @partywithalocal can answer some Q's?
Firstly big shout-out to @bramk for posting us here. I'm Dan, the Founder of @partywithalocal. Let me know if you have any questions, and love to hear your feedback.