Party Play

Introducing Party Play. One playlist for multiple users.

Party Play is a free social jukebox that lets you share a collaborative playlist with your friends, family or other party music collaborators. Whether you’re having a quick get-together, house party, birthday bash, road trip, or any special occasion, Party Play helps you set the tone for an unforgettable event.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Nice! I had this idea a while ago, happy to see someone else had the same idea and actually implemented it! Now, I no longer have to make it 😅🎉💯
@crowx Thanks Eduard We're more than happy to hear that you like Part Play app
Awesome! Can you explain how you go about charging for in-app purchases? I was under the impression that you cannot charge for or within an app that uses Spotify?
@leefranchap it was one of the challenges. The app is free, adding music is also free and no annoying ads. To rise your song in queue or skip the current one, you will need in-App currency “drops”😉

Great app!

Used it on my home parties, very easy to use and collaborative app.

me and my friends are using this app everywhere! Thanks!


Easy to us, nice design, great idea!


whant more music services and lirycs for nowplaying song