An adventure/running game for iOS and Android

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Hi everyone! I'm proud to announce that Particular is out now! I started trying to create something new and starting to learn more about Unity platform and now, after these last 6 months of work, this personal project is finally out! Particular is out for all of you for free, try it and i hope you'll love it ;)
@graphicure This looks great! Have you made other games before? Is this the first game you've finished with Unity?
@jakecrump Thank you Jake :) Yes it's the first one. I just started it as a personal self-learning project and it became a real project day by day.
@graphicure Looks great, especially for a first game. I just started diving into game development with Unity, it's inspirational to see a well-rounded first project.
@deakibalint Thank you Bálint.
Just tried. First impression - I like it. Especially design.
@nikolay_popovych Thank you Nikolay, really appreciated.
I LOVE the design and the gameplay is good. It took a few tries to get used to the map and understand where the road ends (coins helped to guide me), but now i'm good. I like it. Thank you!
@cosminbaluta Thank you Cosmin! Remember to leave a rating on the store ;)
Nice game. I like this running game, remind me a bit of ninja chicken :)
@david_ang :) Thank you David! Glad you like it.