Partial Press

Breaking news according to political bias πŸ—ž

#5 Product of the DayDecember 31, 2017

Partial Press is a bias-aware news aggregator. Created as a drop-in replacement for Google News in the age of fake news. It marks breaking headlines as coming from liberal-friendly (blue) or conservative-friendly (red) news outlets. Like a health warning before you click πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈβ€” to make you aware of where you get your daily intake. Uses

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If you're in two-column mode, left-leaning sources are displayed in the left column, right-leaning sources displayed in the right column. Compare and contrast biased headlines on the same topic, rather amusing!
Just want to give a quick shout out to @highaced β€” without his incredible project (also on PH!) this app most definitely wouldn't exists. Cheers Jordan!

Good idea that hopefully can be expanded


No fake news


None so far

We already have this: MSNBC and Fox
@mcknco By "page" you must not mean screen. b/c that's pretty easy.
How did you decide which bias to give a news source? Anything pop up as hard to label? NewsAPI has author info; do you think/can you test to see if there is another level of bias there? i.e. Fox news might have one left-leaning writer (anything is possible....). Maybe a rating system to rate which way readers feel specific articles lean, and then apply that to sources/authors? (ok, I know I know, that would be a shit show). And as always: any thoughts about going open source? NewsAPI is new to me, and you've made great use of it! I'm excited to play a bit with it. Maybe I could use partial press as a way to filter out the biased crap :)
@dancyfits I'm still working on the news sources (w/ News API) and the bias labels (w/ I'm happy to open-source it. If you remind me in a few days when I've finished tinkering I can put it on GitHub, no problemo.
@dancyfits Just went ahead and put it up now. Why wait?! :) GitHub link is listed above.
@mcknco Just saw this. I'm gonna fork it and play around a bit, maybe see if I can redo it in node, python, somethin. Just for fun/practice, no going public and stealing your millions :D
@dancyfits All yours, mate! Send me a message if you get something going :)