Play PC games from anywhere with ultra-low latency and 60fps

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Hi Product Hunt, I'm one of the co-founders of Parsec. So excited to see this posted after 6 months of building and testing. Parsec is an ultra-low latency interactive video stream that can be used for many things, but was purposefully built for PC gaming. We guarantee 60 frames per second and worked really hard to make sure latency was as low as possible (check out this blog post to learn more about the tech - In addition to remotely accessing your gaming PC, you can share your PC with friends, co-play with friends (you can pass the controller back-and-forth virtually), or developers can launch an AWS instance using the Parsec AMI for cloud gaming. Some of the things our early testers used the application for were: - Playing PC games from work (we won't tell anyone) - Logging into a gaming machine while traveling - Sharing a gaming machine between friends - Testing a new game when you don't have a gaming PC - Playing a favorite game on a cloud machine because it's easier and cheaper than building your own gaming rig Please let us know what you think of the application. It's still early stages, but we're really excited to get the word out! We're happy to answer any questions. Thanks, Benjy and Chris
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@boxerbk Excellent! Nonproprietary Steam in-home streaming. I think the real "killer app" of all this will be to ultimately target browsers as a client (vs having to install a desktop client). Then, you'd essentially be the Plex of video games.
@wuss We'd definitely love to have the client be the browser too :). We decided to go with an installed application for a couple reasons. Most importantly, it gave us the lowest level access to the hardware and directX/openGL. We are super focused on latency, an initially, we believed that this was the best approach for solving that.
@boxerbk totally understand. Do you think there's another solve specifically for chromebooks? I'm not familiar with the underpinnings of Chrome OS to know if there's an alternative to web tech. to implement a client. Maybe something linux based? Maybe even an iPad/Android app with the incoming Android support for Chromebooks. Couch Overwatch on my chromebook and iPad, yes please :).
@wuss We currently think that there's no technical reason why Chromebooks won't work if they have an h.264 decoder. All other devices you listed should be able to support this as soon as we can get the clients built. And you will be able to connect a raspberry pi to your TV to play that way soon ;)
Parsec works seamlessly. I was super impressed with the beta version of the product. I've known Benjy for a couple of years now. He's an unbelievable problem solver and I'm super pumped to see where Parsec goes!
@evan_besser Thanks for your support!
I tried Parsec the other night - the out of box experience was really good. The launcher dropped me into a remote desktop super fast and was impressed with the frame rate and responsiveness while I was playing RocketLeague. Congrats on the launch, will be curious to see where the product goes!
Really awesome service. I was able to play Rocket League through their beta on my old iBook that I figured was done. Pretty much gave me an entirely new computer for free. Try it out!
Looks really great! (Perfect to play at work) Any plan to support Windows 7 machines? Thanks!
@grenagluman Right now, we support Windows 7 as a client, but not as a server. Unfortunately, we're not planning to support Windows 7 as a server. There's a technical limitation with Windows 7. It doesn't support the high performance capture API. Anything newer than Windows 8.1+ will work. If you want to test it out (and have an AWS account), you can launch a Parsec Server through our AMI and use your Windows 7 machine as a client.
@boxerbk Ok, sad for the technical limitation. Thanks a lot for your answer, I'll sure give it a try ;)