Parrot QA

Automate your bug testing without writing a line of code.

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Pricing is ridiculous! If you can sell at that price point, great! But from a dev standpoint, it should be something like $0.001 / test because I know I am gonna run a ton of tests with every deployment. Cuz you know it's already possible to do a single test for free. Ease + Automation is what I would like to pay for.
@ashfame thanks for the feedback! Honestly, I just picked $1 because it made the pricing dead simple. I'm fully expecting to discount. I'll keep this in mind as I iterate on the pricing model.
I'm definitely considering to use this product as a low budget alternative tool for product management purposes. Is it possible to test websites on sandbox servers behind firewalls? I know that similar products have VPN solutions or running as a local software.
@tyckr Depends on how the firewall is set up. Ping hey at parrotqa dot com. I'd love to figure out how to work together.
Pricing issue ...
@_pascalandy At what price point would it make sense?
@jbarnesk Your question: At what price point would it make sense? 1) Something FREE to try up to 100 test per month or 10 test per day. 2) A startup plan at 29$. 2000 tests per month 3) and so on :)
Well then I hope you like the new pricing model (first 10 tests are free, after that it's 10 cents a test). If you really end up running more than 1k tests per month, I'd be happy to give you a discount. I'm hoping the market will bear a price higher than 1 cent per test, but at the rate I'm going today, I may up end there soon enough!
I could definitely see myself using this to test the e-commerce platform that my company uses. Ensuring that checkout, browsing, and product listing pages work after we push updates. However, I agree that the pricing is a bit too much for me to justify at the moment. I could see myself paying $0.10 per test or a flat fee of $20-30 per month for a set number of tests i.e 100-250 per month. Keep up the great work Jacob!
@ethan_thompson @tyckr @_pascalandy @ashfame If any of you sign up, I'll set your pricing at $0.10 per test.
@ethan_thompson @tyckr @_pascalandy @ashfame Scratch that, I'm setting it at 10¢ for everyone. Thanks for the feedback!
@jbarnesk Awesome, thanks Jacob! I'm looking forward to using the product. :)
Founder here - let me know if you have any questions!
@jbarnesk how long will you keep the 10c model? While this sounds interesting I would hate to embed it into a process for our agency and then have the pricing change because it was not sustainable. We maintain a ton of sites and are exploring your platform to manage automated testing for weekly updates.
@jeffreynolte While we could hypothetically raise prices for new customers, we'd never do that to existing customers. So if you sign up now, you'd be grandfathered in at 10c for life.