Parrot Flower Power

An incredible sensor that assesses your plants' needs

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I have two. Only way my plants are alive right now.
@daniel_schwartz Awesome! I'm thinking about getting a couple as well! How is the battery life? Does it usually reach 6 months as advertised, and does it notify you when it's running low on juice? If I forget to water, I'm bound to forget to charge this thing!
@evanlaclark they definitely lasts 6 months, possibly even more. They didn't notify me when they ran out of juice, which is definitely unfortunate. Parrot do seem to be somewhat actively developing the app & firmware. I get an update probably every 6 months with new functionality.
As always, great product, Parrot! I especially appreciate the choices of Succulents. Fat plants are catching on in a big way, and one of the main problems with them is overwatering. If Flower Power can prevent this, then I'm all in!
I've been using one for a while, excellent product. Doesn't work well with Bonsai trees though.