Challenge your friends about anything



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Sidney Sands-Ramshaw — cofounder @parlay
Hi everyone! Cofounder @parlay, AMA!

Challenge your friends about anything. For…
👊 bragging rights
💰 money
😇 charity

“You can’t eat a Chipotle burrito faster than I can”
“I will lose 5 pounds this month”
“Donald Trump will lose the election”
“Parlay will get 1000+ PH upvotes”

We’ve been dreaming of having Parlay on Product Hunt – thrilled to finally be here!

We would sincerely value your feedback and advice. Would you use this? If not, what’s stopping you? Something in the app we can change or add? Or if it’s completely not your thing, do you know of anyone who might be into it? 🙏 send them our way 🙌

Some interesting UI issues:

❓ Emoji vs Icons – My brother started out coding the app with normal SVG icons everywhere and they were just so boring/lifeless/unemotional! So we went through most of them and found emoji replacements. But I’m being advised that we have to make our own flat icon set. What do you think?
❓ Path vs Slack – We came up with our reaction feature back in ‘14, modeled after Path’s emoticons, which had a small set of options. Pros/cons of this versus the Slack method of allowing any emoji?
❓ Expanding list items – The strong convention with list items is that tapping them opens a new page, eg Twitter. We felt that making the list items expand inline reduces perceived friction, and might lead to tapping them more often. What do you think?
@sidneylsr like the idea of the app, but a huge gap is the lack of contacts integration. Is that coming soon? I don't use Facebook so that is not an option for me.
Sidney Sands-Ramshaw — cofounder @parlay
@mykecheckonetwo Agree, copying emails and phone numbers is definitely a pain/friction point. We are working on contacts integration as we speak! Thank you for the feedback!!
Loren Sands-Ramshaw — CTO @parlay
👋 Parlay Cofounder, AMA!

I know there are a lot of technical hunters out there ⌨💻😸 If you’re interested in the tech details, it’s a Cordova Meteor app:

Cordova – it’s certainly not as quick and snappy as native, especially with such a complex app, but many of the things I’ll be able to improve upon to some degree, and the priority in a startup is getting something out there that people can use, and it would have taken me much longer to make a native app for one mobile platform, let alone both! I hope to have the time/resources to switch to React Native. If you’re interested in render performance of SPAs (single-page web apps with client-side template rendering and routing), check out my Medium article:

Meteor – full-stack Javascript SPA (or Coffeescript in my case). Reactive JS templates backed by real-time data automatically pushed over websocket from the Node servers, which watch the MongoDB Oplog (Mongo’s real-time changefeed). Hosted on Galaxy, Meteor’s PaaS built on Amazon EC2 that does a great job of scaling websockets horizontally for you.

Visual design – I’m very new to this. Up until recently everything was #00 text on an #ff background. Was amazed to discover how much difference a few shades of gray make 😝 If you have anything to suggest in this realm (or about any aspect of the app, really), I’d be grateful ☺
Michael Lajlev — Digital product designer
@lorendsr @parlaywith I really miss the ability to easy challenge my facebook friends that haven't signup yet :/
Loren Sands-Ramshaw — CTO @parlay
@lajlev @parlaywith I miss it as well! Unfortunately Facebook changed their API, and apps are no longer able to see your friends who haven't signed up. We're working on getting your contacts in there though.
Bruno Lemos — Developer // Node, GraphQL, React Native
Meteor 💙
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