Parking Kitty

New Product Hunt competitor for parking

The Parking Kitty mobile app makes your parking experience simple, the way it should be.

Park, pay, and be on your way.

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New Product Hunt competitor for parking, and cats. Discovered via @chadwhitaker in the PH Slack
The video is cool. However not sure about the product.
@hrantarzumanyan my dogs liked the video more than me. I'm out.
@pixelmelter Your dogs are more tasteful than you:)
As someone who splits time between the Bay Area and Portland, I regularly use each: Parkmobile, PayByPhone, Passport, and Parking Kitty. They're all essentially the same, the interfaces are basically copied from one to the other. Success in this market will definitely depend more on municipal alliances than the product itself.
Awesome product video there!
I think that hat should be mandatory in the PH office :p