Park Once, Plant a Tree

Each time you park, we plant a tree.

Popular parking deal website, is planting a quarter of a million trees to combat carbon emissions. Park with On Air Parking and we'll plant a tree in your honor.
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Hi all! We're back :). If you follow our story, it's been fun to share with the PH world. We started with an MVP, Top Airport Parking, and received great support from this community. We then launched On Air Parking a year later as a solid product with full customization, and were again blown away by the support of the makers and product lovers of PH. This time, we're excited to share that we're giving back to ALL OF US. Today we're announcing that we are planting a quarter of a million trees in a partnership with the National Forest Foundation! Each time anyone purchases parking from our website- we plant a tree. You park, we plant a tree. Your mom parks, we plant a tree. Your grandpa parks, you get the point.. but if you don't, it's ok.. we plant a tree. As a founder of a company that has been mostly bootstrapped, this is probably the most proud I am of anything we've done so far. YES, we've given our travelers some awesome deals and have kept our team, shareholders and partners happy in the process. But to be able to fully combat carbon emissions produced by our travelers and then 50x more per trip- feels great. Last years fires in California really impacted how I look at the world and how I can help. I actually made a product here called Firebusters last November during the Maker's Festival to help quickly detect and eliminate wildfires. It personally feels nice to come back here to announce this news. 250k trees seems like a lot to me, but it isn't enough. We need others stepping it up to plant more and more trees and come up with better and better solutions to help combat rising carbons. THIS community is the kind of community to do that. Lastly, but not leastly, I want to give a big shoutout to our team. Our team is so selfless that everyone jumped on the idea to donate some of our profits to a great cause and found ways to be a part of the launch. Christine spent months finding the right partner for us that she believed would use the donation wisely and grow with us. The National Forest Foundation is that company. Ramya and Seb worked their butts off to put the Park Once, Plant a Tree thought into a reality on our site and in our backend. Thanks for checking this out!