Celebrate parenting in all its imperfect glory (SF only)

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@hunterwalk Thanks! It's been pretty exciting. Moving fast :)
Congrats Siobhan and Jeni :)
@ronhornbaker Thanks for the support!
Oh boy, sending this to the 10 friends who had their first kid recently (all within the last few months) and have no idea how to deal with their new life!
@muneeb thanks so much!
@siobhanquinn Oops, missed the "available in SF" part. Most of the people I emailed live in NYC, they can't use it right now correct?
Congrats on the launch, @siobhanquinn! Previously you were working on an on-demand dog walking service, Barks and Rec. Why pivot? P.S. Here's another beloved parent product: Fatherly (a practical resource for guys entering that next phase)
@rrhoover and lots more in the discussion here: and the recently acquired Citrus Lane: