Automate your information collection processes and save time

Parallel is the platform for busy professionals that spend a lot of time waiting for the information they need to start their work.
Request documentation, set deadlines, schedule reminders, set your checklists, reuse periodical petitions...
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Great product. That will solve many issues in the legal-sector.
Like the sleek design, we constantly have to send KYCs and it really is a burden
Nice! Good luck on the launch.
Hi Product Hunt, Parallel founder here. Last year I decided to quit my job as a lawyer and start this project, because I really wanted to help lawyers and other professionals to be more efficient. Why? As a lawyer, I had to work overnight many times, but I wanted to spend more time at home with my family. When I started to think how I could do that, I noticed I spent on average more than an hour every day to do something completely unproductive, sending follow-ups to my clients to collect the information I needed to do my job. That's when I realized that it could somehow be automatized and started to work on what Parallel is today. Although it was born to help lawyers and other professionals such as consultants or accountants, I believe we can help other people who have to work with lots of documents at their job. We have many ideas for the future of Parallel. We hope it becomes the workplace for professionals in the future, working with them in parallel :). Please let us know any feedback you have and feel free to try our product. We are currently keeping it open for everybody. Derek Cofounder, Parallel.