Parabo Press

Print photos from your phone in a variety of ways!

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Thanks for checking out Parabo! We’re so excited to have launched, and to be here on Product Hunt. Parabo was born when we dreamt up our perfect print service, and decided to make it a reality. We focus on offering unique print services, inspired by some of our favorite print artists. And, we couldn’t help but include our favorite, non-frame display options too. Since we wanted it to be as simple as possible to get our photos off of our phones, we optimized our options for phone-quality photos, and made the whole thing an app. Ask us any questions you’ve got. Oh, and since we like Product Hunters so much, I’d like to give you $5 off anything you want to print. Use the coupon code: AMAZE.
The team at Photojojo just released something they've been working on for months: Parabo Press. Inspired by small batch printing techniques, the Parabo app is for makers, designers and good taste-havers who want to show off their photos in unexpected ways. Make monochrome risographs, circle and triangle prints, enormous engineer prints, accordion zines and other stuff. Enjoy!
Very exciting! I fully support any product that gives people the ability to be more creative. The idea of moving some of those gorgeous Instagram pics off the screen and into your home is really fantastic too!
@jacqvon Thanks so much!
I like how you've enabled people to express themselves more creatively (which we see often in digital products and apps) in a physical format. cc'ing my mom, @shari hoover
printage is better