Paperspace for Teams

Desktops in the cloud, now launched and great for teams

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Dillon Erb
CEO/Co-founder @ Paperspace
Hello everyone! Today is a big day for Paperspace - we are finally out of closed beta and are also introducing Paperspace for Teams. Our major efforts these last few months have been in building out additional datacenter capacity, polishing our streaming algorithm and web receiver, and building out the interface to provision, manage, and operate on cloud VMs. Some key differentiators between us and competitors (i.e. Amazon WorkSpaces, Citrix, VMWare, etc): * All VM's have a GPU * You can access your VM through a web browser (no plugin required) * We have built our own hardware in two datacenters (East Coast and West Coast of US) Offical blog post here:
Marcos T. Moralez
Emmy Award-Winning Designer, Prev Amazon
@dlnrb Hi Dillion, Quick question. Are you able to specify an IP address of the VM. Say I wanted to set a location to idk Nevada as an example?
Garry Tan
Managing Partner, Initialized Capital
Paperspace has been busy building out their vision of the future of computer, and today it's here. They've launched now and are totally done with closed beta, so now anyone can now sign up and get their own desktop in the cloud. The Paperspace for Teams’ version of the product is a full Desktop-as-a-Service that gives organizations an alternative to buying clunky workstation computers. This is a great team of hackers based in NYC with expertise in real-time streaming and GPUs. They're one of my favorite Y Combinator companies and graduated back in W15. (Rumor has it they have killer gaming rigs coming up next and monster linux GPU rigs on deck!)
Alexis Ohanian
@garrytan You really do have to try it to believe it - they really have managed to pull off a desktop-like-experience in the cloud. Proud to back this team.
Moritz StücklerFull Stack Developer | Freelance writer
I've tested Paperspace extensively about four months ago(the single user version) and I gotta say that it blew my mind. It is really worth the money! Just yesterday I signed up again and teste the "bring your own license" installation of Windows 10. Works like a charm! till waiting for server availability in the EU to reduce latency, but then I'll definitely use it a lot. Results of my testing can be found here (in German though):
Fiess Edouardco-founder @ navily
@mostueck I Agree! Make an EU available version :D
adrianvonderostenCo-Founder, Wade & Wendy
The speed and accessibility blew me away. Love this product and team.
George ValdesMarketing, Sales Ops @Superform
Incredible fan of this product and this team. Simple and it just works.
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