Paperang P2S

All-in-one portable instant printer

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 21, 2019
The all-in-one mobile instant printer to print sticky notes, labels and photos from your smartphone with 300dpi. Plus, it can boost your efficiency by serving as a Pomodoro Timer, alarm clock, and more!
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It looks good, and the price is about right. I don’t get the Pomodoro timer feature (it seems completely relevant) but I guess why not. Which country do you ship those from? Would I have to pay import tax in Europe?
I don't know why this exists.
Seems super unfocused. Printer. Alarm clock. what? :)
It reminds me of Little Printer. I actually found the timer function interesting because such a product could end up unused in a drawer.
I want for unboxing