When inspiration happens, put it on Paper. Paper is the best way to capture and connect your notes, photos, and sketches. Create checklists, spotlight details in photos, and sketch diagrams with unbeatable speed and ease — Paper is like a wall of sticky notes for everything that inspires you.

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When we started the process of bringing Paper to the iPhone, we went back to the original concept behind Paper - capturing ideas. Sketches are obviously a great way to do that, but when we really spent time with the phone form factor and spent time talking to customers, it was obvious that pure sketching isn't going to be the primary case. The vast majority of people capture their ideas on the go with quick notes (e.g. emails to self) and photos. With that in mind, we built this new version of Paper and included text (including swipe to style), photos (including our spotlight feature), and sketching (including Think Kit). We tried to bring something special to each aspect of the product, but we are particularly proud of the way that these pieces can come together into composite ideas, the way that you can quickly see all of the ideas in a particular space, and in just how fast it is to capture any concept you have. We are eager to hear what people think and happy to answer any question about the app or how we built it.
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@wmorein always juggling quick "note to self" apps. excited to give this a try! looks great
One thing we'd love to share with people is our "Swipe to Style" feature. As we were thinking through text input on mobile devices, we asked ourselves what the equivalent of Markdown would be for touch. Once we thought the problem through, it seemed obvious that you could just swipe left and right to style text (headings, bullets, checklists) and just grab items to reorder. https://twitter.com/wmorein/stat...
@bradleyengel @wmorein I also wanted to add, I LOVE the intro video and the tips. They are done very well and clearly convey how to leverage all of the functionality to new users.
@wmorein Love your demo video on the homepage. Can I ask how you keep the phone so still when shooting this?
@craigjbarber We used a tripod, but it was actually heavily stabilized in post-production.
The app looks great. I love the style of the drawings. Any plan to bring this to Android?
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@wmorein what's your take Apple's announcement yesterday, specifically the Pencil? Will you continue investing in the FiftyThree Pencil (yes, same name) you launched months ago?
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@rrhoover We are really strong believer of the value of pen and touch in the scenarios we care about, and we do believe that the existence of Apple’s Pencil will bring this to prominence for even more people. If you check out their promo page (http://www.apple.com/apple-pencil/) you can see we are featured there. We're excited to see what happens. Having said that, there are an absolutely huge number people with iPads and iPhones that won’t support it, and we want to let them experience the power of pen and touch. So, we’ll keep investing in and selling Pencil to that audience.
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@rrhoover This is a great point that I brought up with a few friends yesterday. The Apple Pencil is specifically for the iPad Pro, and not something that the other current iPads seem to support on day one (if ever). It's arguable that FiftyThree now has an even greater market advantage. There is going to be an entire group of people that are even more interested in styli, but will be disappointed to learn that the Apple Pencil won't work on there current devices. FiftyThree's Pencil can fill that void while also increasing their market share while also promoting their great devices and software.
@wmorein @rrhoover One thing that can't be argued and that I continually boast about when speaking of FiftyThree and the Pencil is how warm it is. I have the walnut and it feels like a pencil should. The somewhat larger width of the pencil (as opposed to our No.2's from middle school) remind me of much earlier days with big crayons and markers, while still remaining warm to the touch—despite it being a piece of hardware. It's aesthetically pleasing to say the least. And while the Apple Pencil is also beautiful (in its own way), it certainly doesn't have that warmth. Will I buy the iPad Pro? Absolutely. Will I chuck my FiftyThree Pencil? No. I love it and I'm sure, as with all of your products, you'll continue to iterate on the technology of both the pencil and the app itself. FiftyThree has a lot in common with Apple, in that it's built up such a strong brand with its users, that they stick around even when things aren't at 100%. But it'd be wrong to say that just because Apple launched this, that 53 isn't operating at 100%. Keep doing what you're doing. Because in the end, it's fun having a competitor and honestly, it's pretty warming knowing your competitor is (one of) the best and most loved on earth. Says something about FiftyThree.
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@wmorein I just bought my first FiftyThree Pencil today - think your theory is spot on :)
A desktop app (with flawless syncing) would be huge for me. Until then I may be stuck with default Notes
@ngoel36 Definitely something that we know is critically important - we're really interested in this area and have some fun ideas.
Just absolutely love how this product looks and behaves! Straight to my homescreen