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A keyword-searchable social platform for meeting like-minded people through common interests, values, and experiences and connecting through shared activities. A community-building tool for brands and for connecting members in already established networks.
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Hey Everyone 👋 I’m Melanie, the founder of Panion. I’m really excited to share Panion (version 1.0) with the PH community and to hear your feedback, questions, and ideas for how to make it even more fun and useful for your social life. ⚡️The Problem For anyone who has moved to a new place or has traveled solo, it’s no secret that meeting new people can be a challenge. While we are more globally connected than ever before, technology sometimes has the illusion of bringing us closer than we actually are. I experienced this firsthand when I moved from NYC to Malmö, Sweden and had to start building my social circle again from scratch. So how do you make new friends who you actually have something in common with when you arrive to a new place? Look no further... 😃 🛠The Solution Panion is changing the world of friend-making by making it easy to find like-minded people and relevant activities wherever you go. Unlike other social networking platforms, we do not promote status updates or popularity contests, we are focused solely on helping you build real-life in-person connections that last. We understand that people are complex and therefore building friendships is also complex. We use smart data to connect people based on their personalities rather than swiping through images and judging people solely on how they look. With Panion you can... ⭐️ See all your overlapping common interests, values, and experiences with other panions nearby. 🗝 Search specifically for a keyword or filter by a range of characteristics to make it. easy and efficient to find the exact types of people you are looking for. 👫 Create spontaneous group activities based on mutual interest. 📅 Attend local events with new panions that share your passions. 👥 Join and explore the members of communities you are already a part of and find all the friends of friends you have yet to meet wherever you go. So hop onto Panion and start meeting people who actually get you! 💫We are super excited to be on Product Hunt today! I will be here all day ready to hear and discuss any ideas and feedback you have to offer. And thank you for voting for us!
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@melaniearonson Looking forward to Panion's journey. Good luck :)
all the best.. I am really looking forward to see Panion grow.. It is the best!!!
@melaniearonson Hilarious video! XD Good luck!
@melaniearonson Congrats with the launch to you and your team. Great cause and great drive. My first two constructive thoughts were that I believe in your ambassador angle, that could really make all the difference when it comes to hacking growth. Looks like your community is ready to take leadership and you as a founder talk in the same spirit. That's awesome. On the landing page I'd add some entry points to specific interests to explore. Like, music, sports...etc. Right now it's a bit flat so I am not sure if it's "for me" when I sign up. Even though people talk about the good tagging and diverse options. That and some stats on your top spots like "already x people in Malmö" or something the like. Maybe even "cities that need an ambassador" by dynamic geotargeting so that a Dutch visitor sees Dutch cities -- that could increase conversion rates because it would make the Call-to-Action more specific for people.
Great job! Once I started to use this app, I just wondered how I can tell more people about it. I think everybody has to know about this. Knowing that there is someone who wants to share some time with you voluntarily! That is really great!
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@zahra_al thanks for your support and your kind words about Panion. We are doing our best to get the word out. The more who join the more everyone will benefit! To anyone looking to help bring Panion to your city, check out our ambassador program. 🙏
There are lots of specific keywords in this app that you can pick as your interests and this worked quite good for me for the last few months! As a pro gamer 😎 it's really hard to find good gamers around. Thanks to Panion, I have 4 new and really good gamer friends now and we're having fun gaming nights!
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Hej Kaveh, yesss 🎉 We're so happy to hear these success stories! Would you be willing to tell us your story and be featured on our social media channels with it? Get in touch with us through ✉️
@daniyvr so happy to hear about your new friendships! It's been a tough balance to find the level of specificity necessary to ensure the best matches. Really glad it's working for you!
I really liked the fact that there is no perception of love and romance and the goal is just to find someone to share some good moments or maybe bad, I don’t know. Thanks for the team. Good job!
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@abron_studio Thanks very much! We're glad you like it!
Yes! @abron_studio We have enough romance-focused options but we all need a place where we can explore our interests and build new friendships without the pressure of dating. Thanks for pointing this out and happy you appreciate this aspect of Panion. Would love to hear more about who you meet as time goes on!
I concerned about social life in my new country, still, I have concerns but this app made me believe that I can solve this problem easier and sooner than what I have been expecting. That’s really wonderful.
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@aysan_ps I know the struggle and really hope that Panion can help! Thanks for your support 🤜