Pangea Maps

Customize your own 3D wooden map of anywhere

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Tom Percy
@percpercy · Founder of Pangea Maps
Hey Product Hunters! Pangea Maps reveal the ocean floor, combining real bathymetric data with beautiful design, to create unique artwork for your wall. I’ve been working on this project for some time now (2+ years). I started out making a single map of my home town in Australia and now I’m super excited to share with you, the custom platform, which allows… See more
dustin senos
@dustin · Former Head of Design at Medium
I'm lucky to share office space with Tom and can attest to the amount of effort and dedication he's put into making this a really special product. The attention to detail is incredible—the photos don't do the maps justice. I highly suggest you check them out.
Cat Noone
@imcatnoone · Founder & CEO, Iris
Whoa. Beautiful. Love and truly appreciate the craftsmanship here with everything being handmade. And [it looks like] the wood gives it a super warm feeling. How do you determine price point? There are some examples that look more complex than others but are less expensive? Congrats on launch!
Humphrey Yang
@humphrey_yang · YourOwnMaps.com
These are fricken awesome and your site looks amazing. What's the point of entering your name in though at the beginning? Anyway, great product! A little on the high end for pricing but I think you can really build a solid niche client base here.
@huangdun · Product Designer | UWaterloo Graduate
Love it!