Involve your target group with time-limited video questions

The key to success when making things is to involve your target group. Panelista makes it easy to explore needs and try out new ideas.
1️⃣ Invite people to a panel
2️⃣ Send out video questions
3️⃣ Discuss the answers
4️⃣ Get beautiful interactive reports
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2 Reviews2.5/5
Tried it out for a project instead of using e-mail, phone and excel aka. manual handling of customer input. Looks very promising.
@d_karlsson Happy that you like it so far!
This is interesting, we work alot with focusgroups, but find it hard to talk to the same people more than one time. Smart product!
@daniel_teider Thanks! Would be happy to give you a full demo.
Good idea. I will check it out. This is something my company, Samsung, might need to use to talk to our target customers.
@duong_vo Sounds good! Let me know if you want a demo :)
Hej Hunters & Makers! 👋 We are really excited (and proud, and a little scared) to introduce Panelista. Panelista is a SaaS web app where you can collaborate with your target group in an easy, personal, and structured way so that it becomes an everyday thing. When making new products or services, data can only tell us so much, and yet another survey will normally not do the trick. Forget about representativeness for a while and talk to the people who you are making it for. It could be customers, partners, employees, citizens, stakeholders… you get it. We, the people at Propel who made Panelista, have both been running our own panel for a while and had pilot clients along for the ride. Now we can’t wait for you to try it out! We appreciate your feedback, and will do our very best to answer any questions! Cheers, Charlotta, Joel, Jensa, Oscar, Robin & Anders