Pandora Plus

Skips, replays and offline listening come to Pandora

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Too little, too late.
Is this the rebirth of Rdio on Pandora? Pandora, the go-to music source for fans and artists, today launched Pandora Plus, a one-of-a-kind, ad-free radio experience with dramatically increased functionality. For just $4.99 per month, this innovative listening experience includes more skips, replays and an ingenious solution for offline listening that elegantly handles issues with lost connectivity and cellular data usage. This unique marriage of design and functionality, at a very affordable price, marks yet another milestone in Pandora’s journey to create the most personal music experience in the world, giving listeners greater flexibility and control, while allowing for the endless discovery that listeners love so much.
@chrismessina is this a replacement or addition to their Pandora One tier?
@chrismessina Kind of. It seems very much like the "Rdio Select" mid-range tier that Rdio provided but a far cry from the full Rdio product.
@jthegedus @chrismessina "Existing Pandora One users will seamlessly transition to the new Pandora Plus service during that period."
@gabek sigh, I know.
Not sure why apple music can't get their act together but I really enjoy using Pandora's radio stations > Apples versions
Is it more skips or unlimited skips?