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Private Snapchat-style stories for groups

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Ben Fichter
Ben FichterMaker@ben_fichter · Founder of Pando
Thanks @eawharton for hunting us! My co-founder and I made Pando after we felt our close group of friends was falling out of touch. Throughout college, our group was thick as thieves. We even had a private blog that we all regularly posted content to, which kept us very tight. After we all graduated and got caught up in the busyness of the 'real world,' the blog died and everyone grew more distant. With Pando, we set out to create a streamlined version of our old blog, where groups of any size could connect and share glimpses of their lives in a familiar, fun, and engaging way. I loved the simplicity and intuitiveness of the Snapchat story, but personally I've always been guarded about sharing content publicly on larger social networks. With Pando, only the members of a group can view the group's story, so the apprehension of posting stuff is removed. If I capture a funny video from a night out, I post it to my friends' group story. If I see a cute dog, I post it to my family's group story. If I see an amazing new skateboard spot, I post it to my skateboarders' group story. You get the idea! We had a very active two month beta period where we learned a ton from our testers. My groups have grown much closer which has been incredibly fulfilling to witness! We took Pando live on the iOS app store late last week and have seen solid use and growth already. We'd love for you to check out Pando and let us know what you think! Any suggestions are much appreciated!
Eddie Wharton
Eddie WhartonHunter@eawharton · Data Scientist, Dinner Lab
Pando lets users create “group stories” where every group member can contribute. Pando group stories work similarly to Snapchat stories but revolve around group content creation rather than individual broadcasting. Only group members can view the stories. These stories refresh everyday. I'm always looking for new ways to stay in touch with friends. I recently moved from New Orleans to NY. I'd love to get all of my NOLA friends on this so I still feel connected to them.
Christien@clouvi · Managing Partner of
@eawharton #whodat!
Eddie Wharton
Eddie WhartonHunter@eawharton · Data Scientist, Dinner Lab
@clouvi it's a great city
Zac Price
Zac Price@zac_carpman · Co-Founder of Pando
Hi PH! I'm the co-founder of Pando, Ben and I will be around all day to answer any questions you might have 😀!
Federico De Megni
Federico De Megni@jan_gianluca · helloStandy
Cool project