The first e-sport statistics API

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Hi there! Flavien from PandaScore here ! We built an API to finally get all e-sports data in one place without wasting time on data collection. Most importantly we want to help the makers build products for the future of e-sports. - Tournament schedule for hundreds of competitions on dozens of e-sports. - Games: League of Legends and Fifa 16 stats right now and we’ll be adding Dota 2 next week ! - Deep stats on matches, players and teams such as KDA, gold and experience curve and champions constants. - A web demo of the stats we have... This is a first iteration of our product and totally free to use. We’d love to have feedbacks plus we have a to have the community choice on the next game we launch ! Thanks, Flavien
@fguilloc Where does one get an api key for this? Can't seem to find them anywhere :/
@aditya_shirole You can find a sign in button left side on the documentation. when logged you'll have access to the Dashboard !
@fguilloc Pretty neat Flavien.
@nikeshmasiwal Thanks Nikesh :)
As someone who works a lot with APIs, it's always scary to rely on a third party provider for data. I always suggest to all my friends to go directly to the source and more importantly to have a backup plan in case someone pulls a Twitter or a LinkedIn move where they cut you off from accessing the APIs. Nevertheless as someone who loves esports, I believe this could help a lot of people, at least, get started with creating data-driven platforms for this market, so chapeau :)
@orliesaurus You're totally right, one of our mission is to provide the most reliable data possible and to inspire trust as a third party provider :) ! We hope to unlock creativity in the bigger and bigger e-sport start-up scene !