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#2 Product of the DayAugust 12, 2015
Simon Barnett
  • Simon Barnett
    Simon Barnett{{ webDev }} @ {{ Simon Barnett }}

    Like Product Hunt the list is concise and relevant


    Seeing as they do their own type of feed, I couldn't add them to Feedly

    The fact that I couldn't add Panda to Feedly is probably the reason they remained on my radar. I just don't get the time to use Feedly as often as I'd like, but I'm gratefully forced to view Panda's weekly email. Thanks Panda. No, really. That's not sarcasm.

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Ahmet Sülek
Ahmet SülekMaker@ahmetsulek · Founder @
Hey everyone! Happy to announce Panda Weekly, a newsletter for everything important in design and technology. Products, GitHub repos, articles and designs are picked according to their popularity on Panda. Also get the latest news about Panda Network. Published every Wednesday. You can have a look at the latest issue here:
Muhammet Can
Muhammet Can@jeffisabelle · Software Developer
I really like the curated email newsletters. I think there is a major flow problem in content distribution right now and mail newsletters are quite helpful to solve that problem. (they are usually not noisy and the content directly reaches the end-user without any action) This one seems no exception. Subscribed. good work!
kubilay kahveci
kubilay kahveciMaker@mkubilayk · full stack dev @
@jeffisabelle thanks muhammet!
Rutger Teunissen
Rutger TeunissenHiring@rutgerteunissen · CEO, 24sessions
This is perfect! Sometimes we don't have time to look for things and this is going to simplify basically everything. Subscribed, thanks!
Ahmet Sülek
Ahmet SülekMaker@ahmetsulek · Founder @
@rutgerteunissen agreed, the main goal is delivering personalized newsletters, could be even more helpful.
Derek Shanahan
Derek ShanahanPro@dshan · Three Hex, Cloud Unicorn
That is a friggin' beautiful newsletter. Kudos.
Noah Tovares
Noah Tovares@noahtovares · Zenrez
Awesome. Do you see people using Panda and also subscribing to the newsletter? Btw I added Panda to my newsletters on collection!
Ahmet Sülek
Ahmet SülekMaker@ahmetsulek · Founder @
@noahtovares thanks for the love! Yeah actually 13.000 people registered it through Panda. Makes more than 10% of the users. Guess keeping up to date with the latest is an addiction we share with many others :)