Panda Focus Mode

Enter your daily tasks, see them when you open a new tab

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Momentum is one of my favorite finds on Product Hunt ~2 years ago. It shows a beautiful photo in each new tab, along with a short to-do list.
[Notice] update your extension to v4.4.30 to enjoy the focus mode :) To download:
Enter your daily tasks, see them every time you open a new tab. Follow your progress throughout the days and don’t worry Panda will still be available if you want to get a quick update on what’s trending. You can read more about it on Medium >
Really love the simplicity and the color options! I would like the option to add couple more tasks. But then again, I am horrible with long to-do lists so maybe focusing on a few tasks might be a good idea! :D
Trying this right away, so awesome! I love Panda, but it can definitely be a bit distracting. I love that every time I open a new tab I find cool stuff (got mine set to Product Hunt, Hacker News, and Dribbble) but adding a timer with a short TODO list is brilliant for the times I need to focus. So far I'm finding the list a bit hard to read even though it's short, I think the text is just a bit overwhelming and could be more legible (looks beautiful though). It would be kind of cool if it could recognize words in my TODOs and add relevant symbols/colors alongside them to make them stand out more. I'm thinking something like Venmo's automatic emojis although it would be quite a bit harder to implement.