Panda 2015 Year In Review

A year in review from the always-be-shipping Panda Network.

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The "Top Articles" lists are particularly interesting. If the lists are exclusive to the most-clicked articles from Panda itself (they could be just pulling those sites' most popular links, no?), they provide a pretty interesting lens on the kinds of content/topics sought out by Panda users across a whole scheme of sites.
@ryanjamurphy Hey Ryan! Thanks for hunting Panda 2015 :) We sorted the articles based on clicks through Panda App, we hope to provide more detailed stats next year with the upcoming version Panda 5 :)
@ahmetsulek Awesome! Thanks! (And thanks for stealing all of my attention whenever I opened a new tab this year... I think.) (PS: speaking of which, couldja make focus mode fully toggled? eg., don't shut off until I tell it to? Don't make me beg! *ahem*)
@ryanjamurphy you can use "show panda" button to avoid breaking focus flow, hope that helps!
How is this a product?
@robinraszka I posted it because other "Year in Review" pages have been hunted in the past. Sorry for taking up your internet space!
Okay, funny man.
@robinraszka hey Robin, we are hunting the projects that we launch as soon as we release them, for this one we left it to community's account. If you look at the similar products there are 7 other products hunted in the same concept. I think you should contact PH to request removal of all year in review sites.