Star in TV shows with your best friends

Panda is a new kind of TV show starring you and your friends. Invite your friends to their perfect role, record your lines, and watch your voice come to life with new episodes together each week.🐼
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Happy to see this one live πŸ™‚ @danielsinger & team have hidden a massive amount of technical difficulty behind a deceptively simple idea: acting in your own TV show. They have content and stories for days lined up that they can generate on the fly. It's pretty neat. To try it out: Cast three friends in the perfect roles. You'll get lines delivered automatically based on your role. Record your voice, then wait until your custom weekly TV show is dropped onto your phone. πŸ“Ί
Thanks @nickabouzeid We're really excited to share this with the world. It's an mvp we're excited to get feedback and iterate on with a ton of awesome stuff on the roadmap! Looking forward to having the folks on Product Hunt try it out
@nickabouzeid We need this on Android
Excited to try this out, have got my cast of friends together 😁
@ammaar did recording work well with your friends?
@danielsinger We had a few hiccups with timing! Was hard to squeeze the lines in so we improvised some of the script (which was fun) but one of our friends didn’t finish yet for that exact reason.
@ammaar Yeah we've been having some issues with episode 1. Should be getting better in the next update but tell your friend they're free to improv if they can't squeeze it in.
Congrats on the launch @danielsinger! I love this concept so much. Created a show with 3 of my best friends last night. I probably spent an hour recording and re-recording my lines to perfection. Excited to get to record episode 2! I'm convinced I'm going to become the first Pandalebrity πŸ˜‚
@siggi We may or may not have an awards feature in the works called "The Siggi's" :P
@danielsinger 😍😍😍
Things that we loved as kids on the early internet, like JibJab, can be remade for Gen Z. This is the new gold rush.
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