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Pals is the latest new Product from the team at Party with a Local, designed to streamline the process of meeting new people to party with. We were inspired to build Pals after seeing a couple of similar services pop up - like Happenstance and Serendipity. These services (Pals included) introduce you to new people via email initially and then encourage you meet in real life. All without a dating focus - it’s a really nice trend! Using the information shared on your profile on the Party with a Local app, we will introduce you to a like-minded party animal once a month using our matching algorithm. The introduction will be done via email with deep links back into the app - so you can strike up a conversation and make plans for a night out. We're excited to be rolling this out as we've got so many awesome users in the growing Party with a Local community. Check it out and see who you get introduced to! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.
@dan_fennessy says sign up for early access... let us know when its actually launched
@bentossell We are launching it today. Early access is because you'll be the first to get introduced with someone if you sign up today...
Pals is just what Party with a Local needs to enhance the way our awesome community is connected. We have so many awesome people on the app, so having this new way of speeding up the process of finding likeminded people will be great for bringing our community together even more. Now Party with a Local users will have even more incentive to meet up and go for drinks or a night out!
No more rock'n'roll nights with people who don't understand this genre :) Pals, are precisely matching you with only like-minded party buddies!
Wow! "we will introduce you to a like-minded party animal once a month using our matching algorithm" - Party Algorithms! Well done!
@bo_irik Haha, Party Algorithms! or as we like to say 'P.A.L.S.: Party with a Local's Algorithmic Linking System' ;-)
Man, the kerning in the logo is giving me a headache. #typesnob
@chrismessina :-( Hey @jaapbakker - maybe you can explain something about the font?... I thought it was actually considered quite a hipster/cool font atm, and that's why we chose it, right? In any case, maybe a bit of disruptive kerning is a good thing? :-P