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Hi Hunters! I'm Joel, founder of Palaround. After six months in beta, we're thrilled to publicly introduce the product today. Ordinarily, the people we meet in our lives are left completely up to chance. For example, a new best friend may live next door, but fate hasn’t brought you together yet. Our hope is that Palaround will. Every day at noon, Palaround asks you three Buzzfeed-style personality quiz questions and shows you nine people you should meet based on your answers, proximity and mutual friends. We hope you enjoy the product and can’t wait for your feedback!
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And forgot to say thank you for hunting us @eriktorenberg!
@jkliks Think you guys nailed the aspect of making this fun and non threatening
@kwdinc @yvanscher @divjpatel @fredrivett Palaround = Tinder for Friends. Would love to be considered for joining the ranks of your 'Tinder for X' collections!
@keegan @kwdinc @divjpatel @fredrivett I saw this earlier and checked it out. I did have a question actually: Can this help you make friends if you have an introverted or anti-social personality? It sounds strange but my thought was that there would be a self selection bias (the people choosing to download the app) towards sociable people. If an anti social person uses the app, what are there chances of actually meeting another friend on the platform who understands that personality type?
@yvanscher @kwdinc @divjpatel @fredrivett Great question, Yvan, not a strange thought at all. Palaround is for introverts and extroverts alike. The answers you give to our daily quizzes help Palaround get a sense of what type of person you are so that it can find better matches for your personality type. Pretty much, the more questions you answer, the better your chances of meeting a friend with a similar personality type become!
@yvanscher @keegan @kwdinc @divjpatel @fredrivett @keegan @yvanscher @kwdinc @divjpatel @fredrivett - also - funny icebreakers like "Would you make love to your clone?" and "Say something nice about congress" make it much easier to get a conversation started
@keegan @kwdinc @divjpatel @fredrivett I did notice a small bug. When using fb signup the first time I press the fb login button it tells me 'ugh it seems you cancelled the login' I then have to try again. I kind of skipped through the intro steps ... maybe something to do with it.
Really cool concept Joel, looking forward to being a part of the community as it grows!
Any word on android release?
@jessetheranter - hoping to have it ready by this summer!
@vhmth @alancassinelli Thought you might find this interesting. Works for all genders!