Painter Bot

Twitter bot to convert an image/GIF into art

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1 Review5.0/5
It worked great for me! I haven't had this much fun on Twitter since I started using @RiteKit's @RiteForge to make Tweets using the highlight-text-to-image tool! Well done @vermapratyush! (And thank you for my awesome new punchy-girl gifs!!)
From the maker of Neural Painting comes this Twitter bot. Tweet the handle an image/GIF and get it converted into art!
Hi all, We created the bot using @heyneural, a SaaS solution for such art. There are many possibilities. :) Would like to mention we got covered by The Next Web ( Suggestions/Feedback/Idea are more than welcome.
Maybe I don't know how to use Twitter but... it doesn't work for me
@rotemthegolfer I see that your picture worked. Are you not able to view the tweet?
@vermapratyush no, all I see is my tweet with my picture.
@vermapratyush This is weird, I don't see that tweet.
@rotemthegolfer Weird, I will look up their APIs. Anyway hope you can see this atleast -
I sent this tweet about 10 minutes and haven't heard back. How long does it normally take, @vermapratyush?
@rrhoover Its instantaneous. Will debug why it didn't work that time. It seems to have worked now. You can specify filters using hashtags.
@rrhoover @vermapratyush You are not alone Ryan, the bot hates me too ;-)
@rotemthegolfer @rrhoover Just figured out that for a brief amount of time the access token were revoked by the automated spam detection system. Now a soft limit is enforced on the account, which leads to no push/in-app notification being generated when if it is a reply. What a shame! :(