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Pagescreen is a simple platform to capture and archive visual copies of web pages. With our screenshot automation & change detection technologies, it has never been easier to monitor your competitors' websites, to build and collect intelligence.

The smart way to monitor web pages for changes and build webpage Screenshot Archive effortless.

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wilfried durandMaker@wiloo · CEO at Onvey / former COO at Mailjet
Hi everyone! Pagescreen is born from our various experiences as web-entrepreneurs. Product after product, we have always been struggling to automate the monitoring of our own websites' look & feel after each iteration, and at the same time following our competitors' move on the market. This is exactly what Pagescreen does for you. We are saving you tons of time and help to identify, build and collect intelligence on your market. We recently introduced a free plan, and if you want to go PRO we're happy to give away a 30% discount for a year to the Product Hunt community. It will automatically be applied to your account upon signup. Check it out and give us a try!
Doug C. Hardester@r3volution11 · Front End Designer and Developer
Can the makers say what makes this better over setting up tests with phantomjs, selenic, etc.? Looks more like a solution that doesn't require that knowledge.
wilfried durandMaker@wiloo · CEO at Onvey / former COO at Mailjet
@r3volution11 Hi Doug - Yes, Pagescreen is a solution that doesn't require technical knowledge, so you can get started under 2 minutes. As a developer, we save you time and efforts coding your own solution using the technology you mention for example. But not only! We offer several advantages, the top 3. being: 1. our captures are generated with a real browser, which ensures more accurate rendering 2. we do the maximum to keep up with the newest browser capabilities 3. we track if a visual change occurs, and alert you when this happens I hope it answers your question :)
Doug C. Hardester@r3volution11 · Front End Designer and Developer
@wiloo Great reply. That really answers my question. I hope you're successful and intend on trying soon. Thanks!
Paul-Henri Brunet@phb · Digital Marketing Manager
Seems promising as people can save time on such ungrateful tasks. Funny part, I thought about a similar product 2 years ago ! So I will definitely try it as It can be really effective when you have to generate a lot of captures and don't want to do it with codes.
wilfried durandMaker@wiloo · CEO at Onvey / former COO at Mailjet
@phb Hi Paul-Henri - Thank you for your feedback! Feel free to test us, and if you have the time, I'd be happy to hear about your experience and to know if there's anything we can do to make Pagescreen even better :)
I've been a happy user of Pagescreen for some time now. I have the habit to check what competitors are doing quite frequently. The reason is that they're pretty early stage products and make changes to their websites quite often. Most of our team is on Pagescreen now, and when we see some major change in the website of a competitor, we can sit down, and easily explore what they have introduced - the "diff" feature is awesome. Keep up the great work, guys! :)
wilfried durandMaker@wiloo · CEO at Onvey / former COO at Mailjet
@a_zlatkov Cheers Alex for sharing your experience, the kind words and Kudos! I'll forward them to the team :)