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#4 Product of the DayApril 15, 2017
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Hi Product Hunters, this is an effort of 2 persons so be gentle! We are really proud to finally be able to show PageRocket to the world! The functionality is rather simple, but that was the difficult part. You can create instantly a fully functional, modern, multi-page website without any coding or UI/UX design decisions. You just add your content and set preferences! The goal was to make a platform that my father could use to create a website for his company and after a long long, long time we've done it! My father has a website! Anyway, this evolved into creating something that everyone can use to establish an online presence in minutes without having to find designers, developers, hosting and/or dragging and dropping! You can find some sample sites here: Would love your feedback and hope you'll like it! Here for any questions you may have and don't forget to upvote if you like it!
@anges244 Seems like a great product. can't wait to get to my pc and give it a shot. Did you design your landing page using your tool?
@kostgx Thx! No, unfortunately we designed the landing separately but a similar design is included! Hope you like it Kostas! Let me know what you think when you try it and let's have a chat!
@anges244 Very nice, i would like to have a play with this sample > - what options do I choose to get that style?
@leewynne You can change your whole design in the "Settings" page by using different combinations of the "Style" and "Attitude" preferences. That one is the classic-cool combo with 3 sub-pages.
@anges244 great! is it easy to add more of those tiles at the bottom to showcase a portfolio?
Hah wow. I have been wanting to work on new ideas to upgrade my website and came on here yesterday for something a bit more simple than a prototype tool. This is perfect I'm so glad I logged in today. Well done with this product will give it a shot today
@itsjv Thank you! Glad you liked it! Whatever you need let me know! :-) You forgot to upvote us! Haha...
Congrats, looks like a good product. And at $4.50 a month, not a bad price point either.
@sacbookreviewer Thanks!! So glad you like it!! :)
@anges244 I checked your websites, UI/UX is perfect. How about SEO, do you provide backend to edit on page SEO?
@sushil_realmonkey When you complete your texts for each page - Title and description, those are automatically included as h1 and h2/h3, serve as your metadata tags and the images have relevant alt attributes with the page name. We were thinking of adding an editor but since we are aiming to users with minimal to no knowledge we decided to skip that part.
Looks neat. Great work :-)
@adammydesign Thx! Glad you liked it!