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Track posts & key metrics of your favourite Facebook pages

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Happy to launch PageInsights Bot 🤖,! This FB Messenger bot will send you regular reports 🎯 on the key metrics 🔑 of your favorite ❤️ Facebook Pages (fans, reach, engagement for now, more to come)! Moreover, it will (optionally!) push 📩 notifications whenever a post gets published. To get started, just say "Hi" at Appreciate your feedback, since this is my first take on bots, thanks you! :)
I like that this bot asks, how often I want to get a notification (daily, weekly, monthly)! can I also set the time when I get the notification? also a menu with the content of "help" would be helpful
@hipstercatbot Thanks for the feedback! Setting the time of report is already on my todo :) The menu, of course!! Just added this :)
I like the emergence of very simple single-purpose bots. Have you thought about expanding it to other platforms as well?
@__tosh Not yet, as this is just a weekend project for me right now. Also, the App-Authorization-part (which is quite unique I think - it connects a Bot User-ID with Email-address) is quite Facebook-specific, no idea if this would work on other platforms. What would be your pick, which platform to support next?
@__tosh But what would be YOUR favourite? :) I think I might be most interested (just for learning) to try Telegram.
Here's a very quick intro video: ...And here's how the actual reports look like: ...And notifications of new posts:
I use it since its launch some weeks ago and find it useful to keep tabs on my own and competitor pages. Especially ones I don't manage myself, but want regular updates. Michael was quick with fixing a bug for mobile browser messenger users, where quick reply buttons aren't supported. I'm looking forward to additional metrics. Maybe even a leaderboard for the tracked pages, similar to the insights page by Facebook itself.
@luca Thanks for your feedback! With the metrics, it's really important to authorize the FB App (you'll be prompted with every report), otherwise we only get *very* limited numbers. For me the 2nd feature (which was suggested by @jollife), tracking posts actually became the "killer" feature - if you want to follow a favorite page very closly.