A modern, open source password manager for everyone.

Padlock is a minimalist, open source password manager with a focus on security, simplicity and usablilty.

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Hey fellow Hunters! Martin here, maker of Padlock who is humbly awaiting your feedback and comments! You can read in more detail about Padlock and its philosophy on the website but I just wanted to leave a few words here to explain what Padlock is and how it is different from other password managers. The tagline pretty much sums up what Padlock is all about: Simplicity and Transparency. In my opinion, a password manager (or a comparable tool) is something that basically everybody needs but almost nobody uses. Why is that? Because in the perception of the broad public, password managers are uncool. They are for 'IT guys', power users and paranoid hackers. I wanted to create a product that people would use not only because its a good idea, but also because its fun and easy to use. In order to do that, I have decided to leave out the majority of features found in other password managers and instead focus on simplicity and usability. As for transparency: I strongly feel that the only way that a user can trust a password manager (or any security-related product for that matter) if it is open source. I strongly encourage people to look through the source code on Github ( and make sure that not only are there no hidden backdoors, but also that the code is free from unintended vulnerabilities. Which brings me to another important point: I know this product is by no means perfect! If you find any problems with it, or have any concerns about the security of the product, please help me fix it! You can file bugs in the issues section on Github or shoot me an email directly to Thanks so much in advance for all your feedback!
@maklesoft hey there Martin, nice execution. I wasn't able to tell if this works for teams, but it appears not. Any plans (paid?) to support sharing?
@thebent Like I mentioned in my answer to @constancecchen's comment, collaborative password management is definitely one of the most interesting but also one of the most challenging features to implement in a password manager. While this will probably never find it's way into the 'basic' version, this is definitely something that might be interesting for an enterprise version.
Whoa cool product.! :) I did safely say you can make use of Material Design on your android app since you are using polymer. I know that you will say that you just wrote once and shipped it across multiple platforms with minimal modifications but still. Anyways a cool open source (& Hybrid) app that i have seen in a long time . Cheers.! :)
@h_halvi Thanks! I (mostly) like Material Design but personally I prefer creating a unique look and feel for my apps. For Padlock, I specifically wanted to distill the UI down the most minimal form while at the same time creating an engaging and playful user experience. In addition to that, building all of the components from scratch allowed me to put a great deal of effort into optimising for performance.
Very cool! As someone who might be interested in switching over from LastPass, I have a couple questions: - Do you guys have an autofill functionality in Chrome? - Any plans for 2FA, preferrably Google Authenticator? - Any chance that sharing passwords might be a feature someday? Re-reading your manifesto again more carefully, though, I'm guessing the answers might generally be 'no' - if you're focusing on minimal features/users who're only just easing into password managers. If so, no worries at all!
@constancecchen You're right, autofill and 2FA are two of the features that I intentionally left out. Collaborative password management (i.e. sharing passwords) is something that might be interesting for an enterprise version but it's definitely also something that is very hard to get right especially concerning security.
@maklesoft @constancecchen Do you mean autofill will not be available for PadLock? I really like the idea of PadLock, but I love the autofill functionality that LastPass offers with the chrome extension.
@cedriking @constancecchen Autofill like it is implemented by LastPass is useful but also very intrusive and, quite frankly, almost impossible to implement securely. In fact, LastPass' autofill feature is the root cause of some very scary vulnerabilities. See this interesting article by Martin Vigo about vulnerabilities in LastPass: The truth is, every new feature added to any software also adds additional target surface for potential attackers. This is why a important part of our philosophy is security by simplicity. Before we consider implementing a new feature, we always weigh the risk of added complexity against the potential benefit. In the case of autofill we don't see the benefit outweighing the risk.
Looks promising! So the cloud service is open source, too? Does that mean I could theoretically roll my own instance and sync to that instead?
@marbaumgartner Absolutely! The source code for Padlock Cloud is available on Github as well: Feel free to fork it and deploy it on your own server! You'll have to roll a modified version of the app, too, though, since the host is hardcoded into the app right now. But if enough people request it, I'd be happy to add an option to change the Padlock Cloud host easily from the settings!
That's really an awesome product! Thanks for building it. I use it know on my iPhone and as a google chrome app on my mac. They sync perfectly. Great. Thanks!
@romanrackwitz Thanks! Alway glad to hear people are actually using this :)