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An extra monitor for your laptop! (Kickstarter)

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Jeremy Bodenhamer
Jeremy Bodenhamer@mrbodenhamer
I love this, but why not just make this compatible with an iPad so we don't have to carry around one more screen?
Harold@hsl ·
@mrbodenhamer the only way to do this with an iPad is through VNC, and that's super slow.
Jonno Riekwel
Jonno RiekwelHunter@jonnotie · Product Designer
It's not "new". But it sure is awesome! I'm gonna order one. I never design with an external monitor anymore because I travel around all the time. But it would be nice to have a little extra space to show a chat window on or a design preview of something.
Richard Burton
Richard Burton@ricburton · CEO of @balance-io
@Jonnotie It’s rare that I feel the TAKE MY MONEY urge this strong.
Nick Greco
Nick Greco@sirgrexington · CEO, Nomadz Inc.
I like the idea of a second screen for my laptop, but this looks like a pain to set up. has a different approach to conveniently bring a second HD screen on the go.