Pac Chat

A realtime, anonymous chat made using node and Google maps

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Very similar to Instant Map Chat Anonymous = good/fun and bad (as we all know) Drag the screen and your emoji will go to the centre. So you can put yourself (virtually) anywhere in the world and chat with random people Gets unbearable at like 5+ people and the internet is the internet so expect some weird/horrible things to crop up at some point haha
Silly idea but as with most anonymous, real-time chat services, it quickly becomes a place for trolls. 😕
@rrhoover Agreed. I've been a long time fan of the different chat services like Yik Yak etc, but anonymous chat usually turns into a mess real fast. With CityBee's local chat I very early decided against anonymity, while still providing a mechanism to protect users' locations, in an effort to foster community-based chat. I'm still thinking about ways to prevent such abuse, whether this is AI based, or just letting the community flag content, but since the user base is so small right now it hasn't been an issue :) Still an interesting topic to think about. Even Facebook can't fully prevent abuse/spam or ensure account identities. I'm sure as chat AI gets more sophisticated we will see some cool tech to help solve this issue beyond word filters and such, maybe getting into user emotion and intent. Maybe chat bots will lead the way?
Being able to change my location seems to defeat the purpose
@leftynaut Agree. The map became a background image lol
I kinda expected myself to end up on the map where I'm actually at in the real world, so the "scrolling around"-concept was odd, but interesting. :)
@gloom303 yeah I found it weird at first too!
In unexpected occasions, NSFW!