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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 19, 2016
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Fun app to create long exposure light art. h/t @om from this tweet.
@rrhoover clever. Curious if repeat use is a goal. Seems like a good novelty tool -- but the community feed might be overkill relative to just sharing to Instagram or other established networks.
@chrismessina @rrhoover - I kind of like the community feed and think it could totally serve the purpose stated on the site: FIND INSPIRATION IN THE FEED. Seeing what other photographers do will get many people to try and replicate a particular shot or style of shot (HDR, fireworks, starry nights, meteor showers, etc.). And, since it's photography, people naturally like to share their accomplishments.
@tariktech @rrhoover makes sense, but wouldn't it make more sense to promote usage on other networks that already exist? I won't argue against the feature on principle, but growing and sustaining social networks and feeds is a slog; really just curious about the success metrics for social activity on Pablo. Like, if < 100 people post 1 photo, is that ok? Is that enough examples? What are the expectations of activity volume? What's being done to promote engagement and re-engagement?
@chrismessina "growing and sustaining social networks and feeds is a slog" ... true story, Chris. @tariktech @rrhoover
@jimcanto @chrismessina @rrhoover - Totally agree that creating your own could be a lot of extra work. Curating it or figuring out how to surface the most variety will probably be even harder. If the stated purpose is to find inspiration and everyone is posting the same pic where they are writing something with a flashlight, then everyone will accomplish that quickly and inspiration fades away. I think the way I would characterize a successful feed would be more in terms of: having at least 1 cool photo that I would like to try to re-create show up in my first 10-20 pics in the feed when I view it. That way, there is always something new for me to try and I will keep using the app. Perhaps I've tried catching taillights on a highway, so show less of that, etc.
Not to be mistaken with Pablo by Buffer:
@avizuber or Kanye west
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@avizuber Or Picasso. You know, that guy.
I don't understand the need to build a community around this. 🤔
@joe_blau @dredurr LOL. Well you'll be happy to learn that we just launched 2.0, with the community and sign-up removed, with a PRO version available as an in-app purchase.
Would be nice to have a save button.
My app is crashing when I try to sign up :(