Oyster 2.0

Unlimited books only $9.95/mo and now a bookstore

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Hi Product Hunt Friends! For those of you that have already tried Oyster, you know that you can subscribe to read as many books as you'd like for $9.95 a month. Today, we're launching a store so all readers (even non-subscribers) can purchase and read virtually any book on Oyster! With Oyster you get recommendations based on what you like to read, and exclusive book reviews and author interviews from The Oyster Review, all within the app. In our *brand new* store we have authors like James Patterson, Gillian Flynn, Stephen King, Anthony Doerr, Walter Isaacson, Donna Tartt, and many more. In subscription we have over a million books. My favorites are the Harry Potter books because we designed custom themes inspired by each Hogwarts House. Just for our Product Hunt friends we're giving a free 30 days of reading on Oyster Unlimited.
Sad that it's US only.
@marvinvista Hi Marvin. You can drop your email here and we'll let you know as we expand. https://www.oysterbooks.com/inte...
Really excited to read this. I have been absolutely LOVING oyster. I've been able to read about twice as many books/yr as previously, because there are so many great books I would never even consider buying up front... but now I can start reading anything that seems possibly interesting, and drop it without guilt if it isn't doing it for me. So, I'm even more excited to be able to get more of the books I love and WOULD pay for in the same place. I would love to hear a little bit more about what happens to my books if/when Oyster ever ( god forbid) goes away.
@thomasknoll Thanks. Glad you're enjoying it. Don't worry, we're not going anywhere :)
I really like the idea, but how good is the recommendation algorithm? That will totally make or break this for me. That said, I can't stay away from new tech + reading + free so I'm all in for 30 days.
@jackrometty The recommendations are great! Our Data Science team takes your reading activity and preferences into consideration to show you books we think you'll love. :)
@mahbodmoghadam We'd love to have your book on Oyster. That said, we don’t work directly with authors, but we are working with Smashwords. If you make your books available through that distributor, they should be available on Oyster very soon.
@allisonveronica whoa! ok we will definitely smash