Keep track of the things people owe you

#1 Product of the DayMarch 18, 2017

Owy is an app to help you to keep track of the things people owe you. Useful for dresses, money and many other things.

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Thanks @bramk for hunting Owy! Hi everyone! My name is Kasper Dolk (16) and I am really excited to launch Owy to the world. I am always lending stuff to my friends: books, cash or other things and most of the time I don't get it back because I forget to text the other person. Today, we've launched Owy: the app to keep track of what people owe you. You can add an item in under 30 seconds and will automatically get a reminder after one week to make sure you won't forget it. You can text the other person with a pre-generated text to get the item back. Our app is free and will always be free. And we don't show ads. We want to make Owy as smart as possible to you and that's why we try to push as much updates as we can. I am really excited to answer your questions. Have a nice day! Kasper
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@kasperdolk @bramk only for 10.2 and up? :(
Here's a potentially terrible idea, @kasperdolk: What do you think about making these lists public so that others can see who owes me what? Could be fun, similar to Venmo's public payment feed.
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@rrhoover @kasperdolk that's pure evil 😼 but if that's what it takes to get paid back...
@rrhoover That's so cool! Will look in to it very soon! 😸- Kasper
@rrhoover @kasperdolk How about a timer? Everytime you create a new item, you also get to set a day count until it goes public? Dooms day 😢
this would be a great addition to an app like nextdoor where lots of folks are loaning things to nearby neighbors
This is awesome, @kasperdolk! I have the same problem as you. I think it's great you're keeping Owy free, without ads. I owe you ;) What are you hoping to get out of this experience? EDIT: My brother owes me a call. He'll be getting reminders every week!
@kunalslab Owy is a side project which taught me lot: project management, feedback, design and a bit of developement. Hope to make it as useful as possible to a huge group of people. - Kasper
I was thinking of the same thing this morning😅It's a really needed app in everyday life, thank you!
@alexander_belkin No problem, Alexander. You ask, we deliver. 🦄