A tool for guarding thoughts through time.

Owlscroll combines the immersiveness of paper and the power of computers, to produce an extraordinary writing experience.
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I'm Julian, a 20-year-old designer and developer from Argentina. I started programming not too long ago, and it instantly became a daily habit of mine. The potential computers have (by following our orders) is limitless. I had confidence in my (basic) frontend abilities, but I feared the backend, and so I endeavored into Django (a great web framework). I wanted to do something of value whilst learning it. And so I built Owlscroll: a tool for writing thoughts down. Let me know what you think about it! Cheers!!
I like it, was actually looking for a place to just write but I've a concern, this has no pricing model, which means either it will shut shop (and I'll lose my data) or it will use my data for some marketing purpose - what is the game here?
@indrex Fair concern. I can assure you it won't shut shop, at least if 1 person is using it. I myself use it a lot, and will start my personal blog with it, and maintaining it is very cheap, so it's pretty certain that it won't go down! For the pricing, I'm thinking about charging for public Scrolls. I'm working on maybe a twitter-esque feed for Public Scrolls you follow, but I'm not so sure about it. This will be the case if it actually gets traction. But, as I said, even with 1 user, the site will be up. It's cheap to maintain, and I use it a lot. Let me know what's on your mind!
@julian_benegas thanks, that's reassuring. I am looking forward to using it. (I had actually forgot about it, but after reading your comment, will go back)
I really like your design ๐Ÿ‘
This is perfect. Avoid feature creep like the plague.
@richard_mulholland Yep. Features require attention, and attention scattered around is no good!