Owlet Baby Monitor

Smart baby monitor that uses pulse oximetry to alert parents

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Hey Ben, I would love to! Well, my co-founders Kurt, Zack and I worked at a product development firm together when Kurt was taking care of his twin cousins, one of which had cerebral palsy. He saw how his aunt was physically sick from the stress she was going through every day and the thought came: "How is it that we have so much amazing technology in the world but my aunt has to use old fashioned audio and video to give her some peace of mind? Shouldn't there be something better?" Well earlier that week we had learned about pulse oximetry (the little red light that they clip on your finger when you go into the hospital) and it all just kind of clicked. From there we funded the Owlet on business plan competitions and a lot of passion for an entire year. Then we raised a $2M seed round and went deep into product development and now after almost a whole year of beta testing, a few hospital partnerships, a series A funding, a grant from the National Institutes of Health, and over 2 billion infant heart beats measured, we are transitioning out of private beta to public release. Along with that we are announcing these amazing stories from mothers in the video above.
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@jordanjmonroe such a great story and a fantastic cause. Really glad to see the tech of today being put to real issues! Well done to you and the team!
Hey @jordanjmonroe wondering if you could tell us about the story of Owlet πŸ˜„
I've been following Owlet for over a year now and for as fantastic as their booty is, their team is even better. Really smart guys.
Great product and very compelling video - so much so that I had to write a post related to it: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/d...
@jamie_mci Wow Jamie, I am completely flattered. I am going to show your post to some people in the office who wanted a really flashy commercial instead. haha We feel so lucky to have such passionate customers.
YES! Love this team. Love this product.