An overview of the things you want to keep track of.

@alexyoungkwon launched oneminute, a product that also started at the Product Hunt hacakathon, a few weeks ago. Congrats on the launch, @jsngr. Why'd you build this?
@rrhoover That's awesome! The idea all started when Austin and I were keeping track of app stats via a web page and thought there should be a way to view them all in one place, and then some. So we figured we'd have literally everything in one place, from weather to stocks and news, with support for tracking tons of other custom things coming soon.
@jsngr @rrhoover Frigging cheers to 'following up' and 'launching!' Hackathons are cool, but real products are way cooler.
Nice. Really like this idea. There is a couple of the widgets that aren't working for me - Instagram Followers, Breaking News - but generally this I a sweet little concept. Interested in seeing how it develops. One point though - $0.99 a hackday project is a bit sharp, especially when it needs work. Better to get it out to users and refine the feature set before charging.
@itsleesimpson Lee, thanks for the kind words! A refresh or relaunch of the app should fix your issues. You're certainly investing in the future if you download today :)
@itsleesimpson I assumed the 99¢ was to control the growth a little more upfront. Seems totally reasonable to me.
Now that dashboard views have become really popular for startups, it's great to see someone make one for my personal life. What a cool idea. In retrospect, it's weird that this didn't exist yet. I have two thoughts: Medium integration - The other day I wrote a post about SXSW (https://medium.com/p/lisnr-and-s...), and I found myself wandering back to their stats page throughout the day. I would have loved to see the stats here instead, or perhaps get a daily summary of just the new activity. IFTTT - Have you thought about integrating with IFTTT? I could see this being complementary to their new Do Button app (https://ifttt.com/products/do/bu...) -- they let me control the things around me vs. you let me see the status of things around me.
@kicksopenminds Good stuff, appreciate your feedback! We'll certainly keep all of this in mind. We definitely view it as a personal dashboard just for you.
Hey everyone! Austin Valleskey and I are incredibly proud to introduce Overboard - An overview of the things you want to keep track of. It all started at the Product Hunt Hackathon back in October (http://challengepost.com/softwar...) and has evolved very much since then. It's fairly simple for our MVP version: we've got 50+ "boards" ready for you to add to your Overboard (be sure to comment with your recommendations!). Everything from Twitter follower count to the top product on Product Hunt, Astronomy Picture of the Day, countdown to a specific date, convert currency in real time, the list goes on. The great part about Overboard is that it solves the issue of checking so many different sources to consume the content you want to see, and puts it all into one convenient place. The future of Overboard is bright: track anything you could imagine, from the number of users your startup has, to a company tracking their month over month growth and shared with all of their employees, to checking your bank balances and more. This is just the start and we're ecstatic that the PH community is able to be a part of it.
@jsngr i was happy to read a little bit about your product here. Unfortunately you didn't add so much information to your landing page. My bigger problem: I'm not able to register. I just get the shaking "Login or Signup" Button no matter which fields i fill or don't fill. Any idea? Am i just blind or missing something?
@jsngr proud of you guys @austinjv98 :) this has come a long way and is super awesome, though I'm not a big fan of paid apps and think freemium is usually a better way for most apps to monetize.
I was excited to try this, but the $0.99 pricing really put me off. I completely understand why you might've chosen to do this. To either truly “validate” the idea or limit the amount of users coming on board. Nethertheless, I think it's a great idea and I always love seeing people take hackathon ideas to the next level.