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This new version is incredible. They are doing so many interesting things with the UI and interactions that it's just years ahead of everyone else. The font and weight selection is the coolest thing I've seen in an app in a very long time. So perfect.
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@flyosity That means a lot coming from you Mike! Thank you so much for the encouragement.
@flyosity Agreed Mike! As someone who's seen this product from the beginning, they continue to innovate with their frictionless UI. Lots of really smart people working on this incredible tool.
One of the things people have always loved about Over is that it's dead simple. That made adding features hard. There was a high risk that adding features would complicate the experience and alienate users. We spent a long, long time thinking about this problem and running experiments to see if we should build a suite of apps. Ultimately we decided that mobile creativity was a bigger category than anyone was imagining. It warrants its own plugin/app/extension like platform. So we built an Add-On store in Over. This allowed us to keep the app experience ultra-simple and let people tailor the app to suit their creative needs. We also tried to make every single element self-explanatory. No instruction bubbles. No pointers. Just GO. I'm sure we've made mistakes. We really went ‘lite’ with the cues. Please let us know what we could add to aid learning. Our ultimate goal is for Over to be like a guitar, an instrument you can have fun with AND make masterpieces. We think Over 3 is a huge step in that direction! Hope you enjoy.
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I've been beta testing this and really love it. This version goes so far beyond the original "put text on photos" idea, and makes it possible (and fun) to morph photos into anything you can dream up. Can't wait to see what people come up with once they start playing with it.
@rianvdm Yes! It's truly amazing what people come up with. Keeps me motivated actually! Thank you for the comment Rian!
I beta tested the crap out of this and can say that i've never used an iOS app that offers as many features with as much ease of use. After a few minutes you'll make something. After an hour, you'll make something amazeballs. Not many apps get that balance of power and ease right. Kudos
@shawnroos got a huge grin after reading this! Thanks a ton for saying it.
Love the new app. Incredible control and fantastic features to make mobile photo creativity simple and powerful.
@nicharry thanks Nic! I've got some ideas how you could use it to sell some socks too!